Volga Machine Gunners
Russians on german mg
Volga bluff machine gunner
Appears in Call of Duty
Affiliations Wehrmacht
Nazi Germany
Weapon MG42

The Volga Machine Gunners are a group of support gunners in Call of Duty. In the Volga mission of Call of Duty, these gunners are the primary defense against the Soviet push into Stalingrad. Perched on the western bank of the Volga, they fire down on the advancing 13th Guards Rifle Division supported by artillery and air support. During "Stalingrad", they operate with relative impunity, only taking losses at the hands of Sergeant Borodin. They defend the approach until Russian artillery batteries across the Volga are able to provide fire support for Soviet forces, eliminating their machine gun positions.


  • The Volga Machine Gunners, fighting for the Germans, have the skin of the wounded Soviet soldiers lying on the docks. This is likely to cut down on memory usage by not having to use German models.