S.A.S. Raiders
Sicily raid
The S.A.S. Commandos approaching the coast
Appears in Call of Duty: United Offensive
Rank 4 Privates, 1 Major, 1 Sergeant
Affiliations Special Air Service, Special Operations Executive
The Sicily Raiders are a group of SAS Commandos who were sent to sabotage the large guns and their magazines on the coast of Capo Murro di Porco, Sicily which threatened the upcoming invasion on Sicily, Operation Husky and invade and destroy a lighthouse. Although they accomplish their main objective and sabotaged the motor pool, the Kubelwagen carrying Hoover, Luyties, Denny and Moditch took a direct hit by a Panzer tank.
Death of sicily raiders 1-4

The Kubelwagen carrying the four takes a direct hit from a Panzer

Doyle and Ingram proceeded into the town and took on Opel Blitz trucks, motorbikes, and Kubelwagens until a Panzer Tank hit the motorbike they were on, they had to continue on foot taking on infantry and a couple of halftracks. When Doyle and Ingram reach the docks the SAS member who is piloting the boat gets shot and the escape boat ends up destroyed and they were forced to use a German PT boat, encountering many German-manned PT boats. It was finally safe to leave right when the magazine blew.

The only two living members are Major Ingram and Sergeant Doyle.