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Pegasus Bridge
Fight to liberate Pegasus Bridge over the Caen Canal.
Previous level Dulag IIIA
Next level Pegasus Bridge-Day
Game Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Classic
Character Sgt. Evans
Team Britain
Place Bénouville, France
Date June 6, 1944, 0007 hrs
Objective Secure the Bridge, Clear Out the Bunker, Meet Up with Captain Price, Find Mills, Destroy the Tank.
Enemies German Military

"Pegasus Bridge" is the ninth campaign mission in Call of Duty. The player's objectives are to liberate Pegasus Bridge over the Caen Canal.

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Getting StartedEdit

Sgt. Evans will start in a rickety Horsa glider in Normandy. After about a minute, the glider will crash into the ground. The player should then take out the Lee-Enfield. Despite what the mission briefing says, the Lee-Enfield is a better gun for the mission than the Bren. Get close enough to see the bunker, none of the guards will be aware of the player's position. Shoot the middle MG42 gunner with the MG42. Don't try to take out the gunner on the left, because he'll respawn until the player gets closer to the bunker. When the middle gunner is down, go right and begin walking to the bridge while crouched. When the player gets close to the bridge, he/she should scan the area for two enemies near the bunker and take them out. Be advised that one of them has an MP44. When the player gets closer to the bunker's behind, one should take out the Bren or M1911 for close quarters battles. If there is a cluster of enemies in or near the mud pit behind the bunker, throw a grenade at them, then clean up the survivors. Once that is done, go inside and clean out the bunker. If the player needs some health, the player should take a left from the stairs, and find two large medikits sitting on a crate.

The Other Side Edit

Get out of the bunker and take a left to go to the large bridge. The player's allies will already be taking out the enemy troops across the bridge. From the front of the bridge on the player's side, go right until getting to the guardhouse. Take out the Enfield, and begin sniping enemies. There are three medium medikits on the left side of the room if the player needs them. When the player's team begins advancing, follow them and wipe out the rest of the troops on both sides. Enemies will be spawning in from the right side, beyond the trench past the fence. They will also be spawning from the left side towards the park.

The Tank Edit

After about a minute of fighting German troops, a Panzer tank will appear in the very back of the map and some Panzergreandiers will appear. The player will have to find Price in order to continue. From the sandbags on the other side of the bridge, take a left. Price will be leaning against a wall. When the player gets close, he'll inform the player that the combat engineer, Mills, needs to activate an 88mm FlaK Cannon in order to take out the tank. From Price's location, take a right and go forward. The player will find Mills near a fence, fighting off some troops. Walk up to him and press the Use key/button. He'll lead the player to the FlaK Cannon and activate it. Once it's up and running, aim the center of the crosshair at the tank then fire. The Panzer will be destroyed.

Cleaning up Edit

After taking out the tank, The player will need to get rid of the rest of the Panzergrenadier's in the area. There is usually around 15 or so, and the allies can get rid of them by themselves. Once all the enemies are down, the level will be over.

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  • Music is playing near the bunker, though it immediately ends with a record scratch when the player opens fire.