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"Get ready comrades!"
— Sgt. Pavlov
Pavlov's House
Eliminate Nazi Troops in "Pavlov's House" to recapture it, and then defend it until reinforcements arrive.
Previous level Stalingrad Sewers
Next level Warsaw Factory
Game Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Classic
Character Alexei Ivanovich Voronin
Team Red Army
Place Pavlov's House, Stalingrad, Russian SFSR
Date November 9, 1942
Objective Take out the Snipers, Capture the Apartment Complex, Destroy the Tanks, Hold Out Until Reinforcements Arrive
Enemies German Military
Multiplayer map Pavlov

"Pavlov's House" is the nineteenth mission in Call of Duty. The player must support Pavlov and his squad in the recapturing of an apartment building that is ideal for artillery spotters.

The following sections are a walkthrough.

Characters Edit

Getting Started Edit

The player will spawn in a room with a small medikit, a medium medikit, a large medikit, and a grenade box. Go forward and the player will meet Pavlov. The player must remember to keep his head down.

Sniping the Snipers Edit

At the end of the trench, Pavlov will stop and order a fellow soldier (because he is the fastest), to run around. Grab the scoped gun near the dead soldier.

There is no specific order for the snipers that come out. However if the player pokes his/her head too high or miss too much, the snipers will notice the player and start attacking. If the player is seriously injured, there's a large medikit near a dead soldier.

Taking Over the House Edit

After the last sniper has been taken out, Pavlov tells everyone to run as German bombers have zero'ed in on the player's position. Move fast or the bombers will kill the player.

Stay on the scoped rifle at the moment. As the player nears the house, he/she will get attacked by the enemy heavily. Try to take out the troops on the left without getting the MG42's attention. When they stop coming on the left, go to the left and clear enemy troops on the first floor. Allies will come in. Clear the basement first as it is usually overlooked and contains a few enemies. After clearing the basement and first floor, clear the remaining floors slowly and one by one. Meet Pavlov on the fourth floor when you have finished.

Tank Destroying Edit

When the player meets Pavlov, he'll say that his troops have set up two anti-tank rifles on the second and third floor. One is facing the front and is on the second floor while the other is facing the back and is on the third floor. A Panzer IV tank will come in from the front first, so take it out. Another one will come in from the back. When they're both destroyed, the next objective will appear; defend the house until reinforcements arrive.The anti tank rifles cannot be seen in veteran mode.

Defending the House Edit

This is going to be a major pain. The player has four minutes to hold off a German invasion. While this may not sound long, the sheer amount of troops coming in may be overwhelming and with their winter white uniforms and helmets they may be tougher to see than the ones wearing grey.

What the player has:

  • Three MG42s on the first floor; two at the front and one in the back.
  • Two grenade boxes on the first floor, near one of the front MG42s. The second is near the anti-tank rifle on the third floor.
  • Two anti-tank rifles; one is on the front of the second floor, near the dented hallway. The second is on the third floor, to the right of where you come in using the staircase from the second floor.


  • Stay on the third and fourth levels, preferably near the back. The first floor will be overwhelmed almost straight away, and the second floor will become pretty busy quick. Since the second floor has an anti-tank rifle, it will become difficult to use it after a while. That's why you stay near the back, since the tanks that attack you from the front can't reach you back there.
  • If in doubt, use the Anti-Tank rifles to kill the enemies. The rifle's AOE can easily kill multiple troops at once. This is limited by the placement of the rifles.
  • The Sweet spot is the near the staircase (not wooden boards) that connects the second and third floors. When you get up to the second floor, take a left, then take another left, and go forward until the player sees a damaged piece of the floor that shows the second floor. Go prone and move until the player sees the staircase that connects the first and second floors. Just camp here, and the player should be fine. The only problem with this area is that the player won't be able to get supplies without having to run down there and grab what you need.
  • Don't bother to stay in the basement. It's like Nazi Zombies in that fact that the player is definitely going to die, and probably before even two minutes expire.
  • Remember to destroy a tank as soon as it pops up (at least on the on the back side)! It's cannon blasts will send the player into "shell-shock" mode.
  • Troops will drop a lot of medium medikits and MP40s; so don't worry about running out of health.
  • If health is low, try making a quick dash to the first floor and pick up the medium medikits the dead troops down there have dropped. Don't spend too much time down there, or the player will get killed very quickly.
  • If the player is on the second floor and near the floor that seems to be bending down, he/she can throw a grenade between the crack on the sides. It's small enough for the player to throw a grenade in there and getting to kill off a ton of troops trying to come up to the second floor without ever directly confronting them.

When the countdown is done, run through the building and finish off the survivors (there should be between 10-15 when you start). After they're all dead, go out the front of the house and get near Pavlov to exit the map.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout


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