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"All traitors will be shot!"
Viktor Durasov
Order 227

Order 227 seen in Call of Duty.

Order 227 was an order by the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR. It stated that cowards, deserters, and defeatists would be dubbed as "traitors" and be shot on sight. It is seen at the beginning of the Russian campaign in Call of Duty.

Call of DutyEdit

It is seen being carried out in Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Finest Hour where Commissars would shout "All traitors will be shot!" from time to time, and sometimes shoot other soldiers who would fall back during battle.

It can also be considered stated in Call of Duty: United Offensive when Antonov yells "All traitors will be shot" and shoots you for not getting to the position or shooting at him and when the Russian troop train rams in and the Commissar on the top says "From this day forward, we will not take one step back". Sometimes, battalions meant for killing cowards were sent to take the "traitors" out.