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Normandy Route N13
Enemies Normandy Route N13 CoD1
Break through the German line on Normandy Route N13 to report to headquarters!
Previous level Ste. Mere-Eglise-Day
Next level Brecourt Manor
Game Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Classic
Character Pvt. Martin
Team United States Army
Place Route N13, Normandy, France
Date June 6, 1944, 08:15 hrs
Objective Get to HQ.
Enemies German Military
"Uh... uh... that's a- that's a German roadblock! What now?"
"Gee I don't know, how about you try shootin' the bastards!
Elder and Sgt. Moody

"Normandy Route N13" is the fifth mission in Call of Duty and Call of Duty Classic. The goal is to get to headquarters near Ste. Marie-du-Mont via Normandy Route N13.

Characters Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Starting Off Edit

The player starts off by driving through a road that lead to some Germans. Don't worry about killing them here. The player can fight back if so desired, but it does not make a difference.

Once Moody drives through two Opel Blitz trucks, two Kubelwagens filled with three troops will chase the player. If the driver of the car is shot, the car will automatically flip over. Leaning out of the car is possible, but also makes the player a better target.

Village in the Car Edit

The player will drive into a village. Again, there is no need to engage any targets. Just absorb the sights.

Village on foot Edit

After Moody rams into an enemy Kubelwagen, the player will then have to go on foot. Take out the SMG or FG42 and follow Moody into the house. There are a few enemies inside, so take them out. There's also a lot of large medical kits laying around (two in the fireplace in the living room and three in the room next to the ruined bathroom), so take them if needed. The exit is in the living room.

Outside are a few troops. Since this area is medium-sized, grab the rifle (or FG42) and open fire. The player may need to lean around corners, depending on how many enemies there are. There are some hidden to the left, so make sure to scout out that area as well. Once they are gone, take a right and go to the house that has a car in the garage.

When near the car, Moody will instruct Elder to hot-wire it, and that the player will need to give him cover. There's an MG42 to the right of the car (from the front of the garage), but it's easier to go into the house, find the staircase in the back, go up, and use the window as a sniping spot until Elder is finished. Once he's done, run to the left side of the car and hit the use key when prompted.

The End Edit

Elder will drive through the village and go to the exit. There are enemies, but shooting is not necessary.

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Starting Loadout

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Call of Duty - Mission 05 - Car Ride

Call of Duty - Mission 05 - Car Ride



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