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The Mamayev Kurgan (pronounced "Maw-mev Kor-gen"),[1] is a dominant hill overlooking Stalingrad. It was home to some of the bloodiest and costliest battles of the Battle of Stalingrad, and the entire war. In memory of the blood she,d there is now a huge statue of Mother Russia on the hill. Bits of metal and bone from the battle can be found there.

Call of Duty: Finest HourEdit

On the second mission of Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Pvt. Sokolov and Sgt. Puskov lead a charge to take the hill. Before even getting to its base, a German sniper gets Sokolov in his sights, but Puskov takes the bullet. Lt. Pavelovna kills the sniper, and takes command.

Though taking immense casualties, mainly from MG42 fire, the Soviet troops rush up the hill, taking Mamayev Kurgan within minutes.

After taking back the hill, Sokolov is seen lowering the Nazi Flag.


  1. As pronounced by Oleg Puskov in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.