Last Bridge Standing
CoDFH - Last Bridge Standing1
Previous level Road to Remagen
Next level Into the Heartland
Game Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Character Lieutenant Chuck Walker
Team American
Place Remagen, Germany
Date April 7, 1945
Objective locate the bridge crossing the Rhine
Enemies Germans

Last Bridge Standing is the sixth level in the American campaign where Chuck Walker and his squad must capture the bridge alone due to a delay placed before their tank support.


Weapon Loadout Edit

Starting Loadout
Found in level

Trivia Edit

  • The Scoop does not need the same protection the M12 does, because its health will recharge.
  • There is a Browning .30 Cal by the warehouses, between two loading pallets when the player enters the complex.
  • There is an hidden G43 inside the warehouse, along with Panzerschreck, right after the King Tiger appears.

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