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The Giant Red Apple is the first easter egg encountered in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

On the level, "Operation Little Saturn", the player can find a very tall and big apple.

Directions Edit

  1. To find the easter egg, the player would start off by immediately turning around at the very start of the level and go the opposite way of the mission. On a snowbank to the right there is a dead tree farther down than the other trees. The game will allow the player to go up the slope here. It can be hard to distinguish the exact part of the slope that can be drove up. This can be frustrating at first, and even after multiple times of finding the easter egg.
  2. After going through the slope, the player would then turn left to go down a path around a mountain.
  3. Once the player has gone far enough around the mountain, they will be able to see a huge red apple.
  4. The player would next continue down the mountain road, until they gets back to the ground, on a significantly wider road.
  5. After getting close to the apple, the player would probably get close to another slope. There will be a few rocks on the slope. There will be two of which are really close together. That is the slope where it is the least steep, and the player can easily drive up it.
  6. To enter the apple, the player would simple drive through it, and would find an extra terrestrial saucer.
  7. After entering the apple, many Panzerschreck-wielding Wehrmacht infantry will spawn, as well as an unmanned Flak 88 on a cliff face.
  8. If you continue down the road close to the apple, there's a very long road which is made of some colors of a rainbow.
  9. Inside of the Giant Red Apple the player can see what appears to be a UFO.

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Trivia Edit

  • Attacking Stukas that survive the two other allied T-34s and make it all to the apple become severely distorted, and can sometimes still attack the player.