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German Dance Party Underground Passage FH

The German Dance Party is an Easter Egg on the Call of Duty: Finest Hour level, "Underground Passage".


To get to the German Dance Party, the player must go to the final ladder in "Underground Passage". There will be a hole in the wall, leading to a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, the player will reach the basement of the house.

Instead of going upstairs, turn around and go a bit back into the tunnel, to the right (left if facing the basement) there will be a few boards restricting the player from going further down a hallway.

Throw two or more grenades, and step back. If the door was in the blast radius, the boards will be destroyed. Proceed down the new hallway. At the end, there will be one enlisted German soldier, two German officers, Tanya Pavelovna, Bob Starkey, Sam Rivers all dancing, and one German soldier as the DJ.


  • The people in this room can only be killed by grenades.
  • If the player goes behind the DJ's table, it is possible to scratch the record.