Fuel Plant
Previous level Falaise Road
Next level The Black Baron
Game Call of Duty 3
Character Sgt. Doyle
Team SAS, French Resistance
Place Autun, France
Date August 9, 1944, 0700 hours
Objective Destroy the Fuel Plant
Enemies Wehrmacht
Multiplayer map Fuel Plant
For the multiplayer map of the same name, see Fuel Plant.
"Your Major... is dead."
Marcel to Keith

Fuel Plant is the sixth mission in Call of Duty 3. In this level, Sgt. Doyle, Cpl. Keith and Pierre LaRoche start out in the outskirts of a German fuel plant. They move into the fuel plant and fight their way through a train station and a building, where the player open the gate and let Pierre climb to the roof and becomes a sniper.



Leaving the building to regroup with Major Ingram, Isabelle DuFontaine and some Maquis Warriors come out on the other side, where Isabelle gives Doyle a sack of charges to destroy the fuel tanks. Doyle then takes control of a jeep's machine gun and the jeep eventually crashes after being shot up. Doyle and the others eventually reach the giant fuel tanks, and Doyle plants a charge on all of them. However, at the last one, he is knocked down by a Wehrmacht soldier, who attempts to shoot Doyle, but instead gets his gun jammed. After that Doyle wrestles the German soldier and knocks him off the fuel tank's balcony, but nearly falls off himself.

Afterwards, Major Ingram and the remaining Maquis leaves to find themselves the jeeps for extraction. Sgt. Doyle and Cpl. Keith regroup with Pierre and Isabelle in the rooftop, where after sniping the Germans they were trapped.

Then the SAS soldiers and the members of the Maquis attempt to escape in the German jeep. Doyle and his passengers then see Major Ingram's jeep crash and explode, making them think Ingram is dead. Cpl. Keith believes that Ingram survived, which in result he wanted Doyle to go with him for Ingram causing Keith to call Marcel a traitor and coward. At last the Maquis finally decided to find and save Ingram in the eleventh level, "Hostage".

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout


Videos Edit

Call of Duty 3 - Mission 6 -- Fuel Depot (Part 1 of 2)09:18

Call of Duty 3 - Mission 6 -- Fuel Depot (Part 1 of 2)

Call of Duty 3 - Mission 6 -- Fuel Depot (Part 2 of 2)08:58

Call of Duty 3 - Mission 6 -- Fuel Depot (Part 2 of 2)


  • When the player gets pinned down by the half-track after their jeep wrecks, one can hear a German soldier yelling "sniper" in plain English when Pierre engages them from the roof.
  • During the escape scene, its possible to run over the fleeing German soldiers.

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