For a cut perk with a similar name, see Saboteur.
Depot Saboteurs
Previous level Mission: Matmata
Next level A Desert Ride
Game Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Character Edward Carlyle
Team British Army
Place Matmata, Tunisia
Date January 22, 1943
Objective Destroy German Depot
Enemies German Army

Depot Saboteurs is a campaign level in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

In this level, the player must break through the enemy defenses and destroy the depot using charges.



This mission starts out right after Sgt. Starkey destroys an object that cuts off power. The player then follows Starkey to a building. Kill all German soldiers on the ledge and then enter the building. Starkey will walk to a box and pull out some mines. Starkey will then proceed to knock open a window. Follow him out the window. He will then lead the player to a building and enemies will open fire. Clear all enemies and enemies with Panzerschrecks will start attacking. Once they have all been destroyed using mines or sticky grenades, cross the street and take out the Germans in that building. There will then be a Panzer with broken treads. Take out this Panzer and continue to follow Starkey away from the building. Once out, a squad of enemies will attack the player. Defeat this squad and continue to follow Starkey. Clear out all enemies until the player sees Machine-Gun fire. Take out the MG nest. Travel around the corner (the corner behind the MG nest) and continue down the alley. Another MG will open fire. Take out the MG (be cautious, there are multiple enemies at this nest) and proceed to take out the enemy ground troops. Then proceed to push towards the building with the Nazi flag on it. Go inside and clear the building out. Then proceed out of the small room by the door (not the door you came in, but a different one). Then turn the corner and destroy all of the petrol depot's oil caches with charges or grenades. Be careful in this area, because there will be many enemies protecting the petrol depot. Once this is completed, leave the depot and enter the Jeep.

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  • When starting this level, there is an Easter egg; the player must immediately look up and will see a triangular shaped UFO.