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Alps Chateau
Price Alps Chateau CoD1
Rescue the prisoners from the chateau.
Previous level Brecourt Manor
Next level Dulag IIIA
Game Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Classic
Character Pvt. Martin
Team United States Army
Place Bavarian Alps, Germany
Date August 7, 1944, 01:30 hrs
Objective Rescue the Prisoners, Destroy the Communication Center and Grab the Intel.
Enemies German Military
Multiplayer map Chateau
For the multiplayer map, see Chateau (map).
"It seems that a couple of British Officers, a Captain Price and Major Ingram, were shot down somewhere in enemy territory. I don't know who these guys are but they must be pretty important cause Army intelligence has decided to parachute us into Austria to rescue them."
Pvt. Martin's journal entry

"Alps Chateau" is the seventh mission in Call of Duty. The player must break into a Chateau in the Bavarian Alps and rescue the prisoners, Captain Price and Major Ingram.

Characters Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Getting Started Edit

The player spawns at the bottom of a hill. Moody will tell Foley about the nearby defense, then move out.

After going up the hill, an MG42 will open fire. If the player is on the right side, go behind the rock, go into the BAR's iron-sight mode and take out the gunner.

Once he's down, go near the red and white sign, but be careful; there are some enemies among the cars. The player can either rush them with an SMG or crouch and take the time picking them off.

When they are gone, the player will have to enter the nearby building. There's at least one enemy in there, take out the SMG and eliminate the threat. The back room has two medium medical kits.

Now that the parking lot has been cleaned out, the player moves up again. Don't worry about taking a specific route, since there are no MG42s at the top.

Outside the Manor Edit

At the top of the hill is an entrance to the manor and two troops guarding it. Hide behind one of the nearby rocks and take them out with the BAR, then move up.

Once outside the Manor, there will be a lot more troops. When getting just past the gate, an Opel Blitz truck with four or so troops will pull up near the corner. Tossing a grenade at the back of the truck while it's driving up will usually kill about half of the troops in the truck when they get out. Otherwise, take them out while they are getting out of the truck.

Once the truck has been cleaned out, go past the truck and go to the left side of the manor to the small opening. Behind the right walls are troops, either use a grenade or walk to the left wall (player's left side) and attack the enemies before they can move. The SMG works best in here.

The path will lead to a garage with two or three troops outside. When exiting the path, there will be a troop on the balcony to the right. Take him out, then go left to a garage.

When entering the garage area, an Opel Blitz truck will pull up near the entrance and unload some troops. Again, toss a grenade to its rear while it's driving up to wipe out most of the troops in one shot. The player can use the nearby oil barrels as cover, but will need to move up in order to make full use of them. Instead, lean from the truck.

When the garage area is cleared, take a right from the truck to the opening in the wall. The actual garage has two medium medical kits, so take them if needed.

As the player approaches the next pathway, another Opel Blitz truck will appear and stop near the exit. Again, the grenade trick works.

After the truck crew is gone, go past the truck and head on. Watch out for the troops hiding near the right wall; the SMG will clear them out.

Follow the path, and enter the manor.

Getting the Intel Edit

Once inside, get near the left path, but stop right before the corner, lean against it, and lean right. The player will see a troop hiding behind a right wall. Take him out, then go left, then straight.

Approaching the small door at the end of the hall, a troop will try to ambush. Take him out with the SMG. Take a right and follow the new path until at a set of stairs.

When near the top of the stairs, turn left and walk forward. There will be a troop there, shoot him before he attacks. There is a large medical kit directly across from the end of the stairs, take it if needed.

From the stairs, take a right and walk up until a Nazi flag is visible. There are quite a few troops in the room to the left of the flag. Toss a grenade and make sure it is near the flag's left, but it does not bounce off. If it is correctly thrown, the explosion will kill a majority of the enemies in the room before they can get set up. If there are any near the flag when the player gets there, take them out first.

Go to the flag and take a left, then go straight. There are a few troops hiding behind a table, either use the SMG or a grenade to take them out.

When the threat is eliminated, go past the table and turn right. The player will find the intel documents laying on a nightstand behind the bed. Grab them, then go back downstairs.

The Com Center Edit

When back on the first floor, prime a grenade, then go right. The door will burst open, and a four man attack squad will open fire. Throw the grenade at them, and they will scatter and/or get killed by the blast. However, do not go forward yet! There are two troops firing from a balcony that's on the right side of the room. Be ready to take them out. There are two large medical kits in the room, take them if needed. After that, take a right.

The player will then be in a room with a large staircase. Moving up, a troop will break open a door from the upper side, and troops will pour in from the upper right. Take care of the ones on the right, then get the soldier that comes from the door. If the player focuses mainly on the soldier by the door, he/she will be exposed to enemy fire from the right.

After the threat has been eliminated, go up the staircase and take a left.

After some walking, the player will be on the outside balcony seen earlier. There are three troops on it, go back, lean from the left corner in the hall, and take them out.

Another way to handle this situation is to walk up to the door that leads to the balcony until the player reaches a checkpoint and hear a truck noise. If the player doesn't do any thing the Germans in the truck may enter the chateau and attack the player from the behind. To avoid this, turn around and head back toward the door the player entered the chateau through until he/she runs into the four German troops. Kill them and keep heading toward the door. Once the player gets outside go into the car pool area and look up at the balcony. The Germans should be up there. If the player still has the BAR, now would be the time to use it. After the player dispatches them just head back through the chateau and continue the mission.

Enter the room at the end of the hall, but face left; there's an open door on the left that leaves the player vulnerable to troops that are waiting just past the door. Take them out.

The player can either go left to get to the communications center, or go right to grab two medium medical kits in a room.

When taking the left path, the player will see a staircase. Go down to the bottom. Hit the wall and turn towards the opening. Player will see a troop waiting to ambush from behind the wall, take him out before he can react. Be aware of another enemy on the upper right corner.

When the room is cleaned out, go to the flashing eagle to the right of the fireplace and press the "use" key. It will open up the communications center from the fireplace.

Once in the communications center, destroy the radios with melee attacks. When done, turn around and take out the troop coming from the destroyed door. Once the enemy is down, go into the room he was in and grab the medium medical kit if needed. Otherwise, go back to the room the fireplace was in.

Rescuing the prisoners Edit

Foley will appear and inform the player that he located the prisoners. He will then bash open the door across from the table, revealing an enemy troop. The player's team will take him out, then head down the hall to the right.

Player will see two staircases. Take the one on the right. At the bottom of the stairs is a wine cellar with some troops. If the player took the path to the right, the enemies will be unaware of the player's presence. Snipe them with the BAR or SMG. When they are out, go near the end and take a left.

The player will be in what appears to be a dungeon. To the right is a steel door with two troops. Use a grenade if equipped or rush them with the SMG.

When the troops are down, Foley and Moody will blow up the door just past the troops. If the player does not have a grenade while they are setting the bomb, find the wine box across from the bomb. Go prone on it, and aim towards the center of the door. When the door explodes, there will be an MG42 on the ground along with a bodyguard. If prone on the wine box, the MG42 will not have a decent POV of the player, take it out quickly. If not, lean near the open door, wait for the shot, open fire.

After the MG42 is down, take a right. There will be three troops in a small room, so go back and lean from near the right corner.

When they are out, Foley will find Price. He'll tell Foley that Ingram was moved to a camp, but he overheard where it was.

Go back to where the troop was at the end of the dining room, but do not turn right! There are three enemies just past the newly opened door. Lean from the right wall and kill them one by one.

The player will be back in the large staircase room, go back to the red room with the two large medical kits in it. However, do not run into the room! There are three troops just past the door. Get near the left corner that leads to the room, and lean right. Take them out, then go left. Wait for Price to jump out of the window, then do the same. Level ends once outside.

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Video Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Cpt. Foley and Moody use the Thompson on the start of this level, but when the player destroyed the radios in the Comm center, they both will have M1 Garands.
  • The communications room being hidden behind a fireplace is a reference to a scene in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
  • After destroying the radios, Cpt. Foley will change to Captain Foley.